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Nova Systems is well recognized for procurement outsourcing,covering the entire spectrum of Oilfield, Industrial materials and Electro Mechanical Projects supply. Our range of products extend from the supply of Pipes and Fittings, Valves & structural steel, to the provision of procurement specialists. Nova Systems is your one-stop procurement paradise.

Nova Systems as a rapidly growing organization, has earned an enviable level of customer’s confidence and reputation through its professional management and prompt services, thanks to itsdedicated team of qualified, experienced and proficient engineers, sales and marketing personnel and administrative staff.

As an additional service to our several international customers, Nova Systems has developed a very knowledgeable and capable export supply and purchasing division, encompassing products of quite a few industries, which along with our robust relationship with major manufactures, allows us to provide a full service and supply source to our clients across the globe.

A sound financial base enables Nova Systems to hold adequate stocks, which amply caters to address all urgent requirements of our valued clients.

The financial backing provided to the Group by the Promoters and Bankers, hasfacilitated holding sufficient stocks fromvarious overseas suppliers, eitherrepresented by group companies or via exclusive agencies for the UAE.

Some of the highly reputed companiesrepresentedby the group in the UAE, are:

  • NEXUS ALLOYS – for Pipe Fittings & Flanges
  • RELIABLE PIPES – for Large Dia Pipes & Fittings
  • SuperFRP – GRP Gratings, Profiles
  • Novablue Industries, UAE – for Cable Management Systems.
  • “NOVA” GRP Cable Trays and Ladders, Profiles
  • N2FM, INDIA – for Earthing Material & Electro Mechanical Products.
  • N2FM, INDIA – for FRP/GRP Products, Cable Trays & Ladders, Gratings etc.
  • Indiana International, INDIA – for Earthing Material.
  • Indiana Gratings, INDIA – for G.I Steel Gratings.
  • Indiana Cable Trays Corporation, INDIA – for Cable Management System.
  • Indiana Conveyors, INDIA – for Conveyors.
  • Polylux, SPAIN – for Transformers.
  • Liftket, GERMANY – for Chain Hoists.
  • Brunnhuber, GERMANY – for Cranes.
  • Ital Momet, ITALY – for Racking & Shelving Systems.
  • Environmental Seals, U.K – for Fire Proof Paints.
  • Cable Plan Systems, U.K – for Cable Management Systems.
  • Galvanizing Industries, U.A.E – for Galvanising.

We are also one of the largest stockists for FRP/GRP Cable Management Systems with a wide range of ready off the shelf stock, we also procure from International Oilfield/Mechanical suppliers like American Piping Products USA, D.E.I Italy, SAS U.K, Metal Aids – India, Farmers Copper U.S.A, OMC Korea, Haewon Korea, Tube Development U.K & United Pipe Lines, U.K etc.

Nova Systems is committed to leveraging its Global Presence and comprises of dedicated staff providing outstanding customer service, market knowledge and value-added services, to bolster our business and become the most preferred channel for industrial products and solutions.

Provide personalized services, product knowledge and industry experience to improve our customers’ and suppliers’ businesses.

Growing Capabilities
The skills and expertise at Nova Systems are the result of solid intelligent efforts of its Engineers and ongoing real-life learning while working on various projects.

A growing business requires continuous honing of skills and improving capabilities, with a rock-solid commitment to provide quality products and services for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our firm is committed to being a top-qualitysupplier of Oil & Gas Equipment, Electrical and Mechanical Equipment and specialised components to meet the business needs of our customers.

Quality Control
We at Nova Systems are committed to providing our clients with quality products and services through a continuous process of improvement in all areas of our performance.

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